15 Years as a Premier BENETEAU Boat Dealer

Join Naos Yachts in marking 15 years as a leading BENETEAU boat dealer, and dive into our rich heritage and partnership with BENETEAU as they celebrate 140 years of boat building.

Celebrating 15 Years of Naos Yachts, as BENETEAU Reaches 140 Years of Boat Building Innovation


As the sails catch the wind and the hull cuts through the waves, Naos Yachts celebrates a remarkable milestone: 15 years as a premier BENETEAU boat dealeron the Westside. This milestone is not just a measure of time but a testament to Naos Yachts' commitment to excellence and innovation in the boating industry. This year also marks a significant anniversary for BENETEAU itself—140 years of unparalleled boat building. Together, these anniversaries underscore a partnership that has seamlessly blended tradition with innovation, setting the course for future achievements in the marine world.

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The Genesis of Naos Yachts: Charting a Course for Success

Founded by Charles Devanneaux, a visionary with deep-rooted passion for sailing, Naos Yachts was born out of a desire to blend this passion with unparalleled customer service. The inception of Naos was more than just the establishment of a boat dealership; it was the beginning of a new chapter in the maritime narrative that sought to complement the illustrious heritage of BENETEAU. From its earliest days, Naos Yachts embraced a philosophy of excellence, aligning seamlessly with BENETEAU’s commitment to quality and innovation.

Every client interaction is infused with our deep knowledge and love for boating, ensuring that each customer’s needs are met with expert advice and a personalized touch. This customer-centric approach has not only fueled our expansion but also solidified our reputation as a leader in the boating industry.

Naos Yachts and BENETEAU: A Partnership Riding the Tides of Innovation

Over the years, Naos Yachts has proudly offered a wide array of BENETEAU models, each reflecting the cutting-edge advancements and luxurious design BENETEAU is known for. From the swift and sporty First series, a favorite among competitive sailors (read our latest article about the the First 44 Lenny) , to the Oceanis range, which redefines comfort for blue-water cruising, every model showcases BENETEAU's prowess in boat making — a prowess magnified by Naos Yachts’ expert curation.

The BENETEAU First line is renowned for its exceptional performance and agility, designed with racing enthusiasts and skilled sailors in mind. These yachts harness advanced technologies and streamlined designs to deliver unparalleled speed and handling. The First 36, for example, embodies this philosophy, combining lightweight construction with a robust sail plan to dominate regattas and provide thrilling sailing experiences.

On the other hand, the Oceanis line represents BENETEAU's commitment to luxurious, comfortable cruising. These yachts are crafted to make long voyages a pleasure, with spacious interiors, ergonomic layouts, and advanced amenities. The Oceanis 46.1 is a testament to this ethos, featuring an expansive cockpit, multiple living spaces, and innovative hull designs that enhance both performance and comfort.

Customer testimonials frequently highlight the joy and satisfaction of piloting a BENETEAU yacht from Naos, emphasizing the enriched sailing experiences these boats offer. Furthermore, Naos Yachts has played a pivotal role in reinforcing BENETEAU’s global presence, particularly through our tailored services and expansive reach.

Explore our full inventory of BENETEAU boatshere to see the cutting-edge models available through Naos Yachts.

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Naos Yachts as a Beacon of Marine Knowledge and Community

Beyond sales, Naos Yachts is committed to fostering a vibrant sailing community. We offer comprehensive sailing classes and certifications, empowering both novices and experienced sailors with the skills needed to enjoy the sea safely and confidently. Our hosted events and community initiatives further this vision, knitting together a tight-knit group of maritime enthusiasts. Many families and individuals have embarked on their sailing journeys with us, a testament to our community-focused approach.

BENETEAU's Odyssey: 140 Years of Pioneering Spirit

Throughout its impressive 140-year history, BENETEAU has been a pioneer in boat building, constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible on water. From its humble beginnings in 1884, BENETEAU has grown to become a world-renowned leader in the boating industry. The brand has been at the forefront of numerous innovations, such as the development of the first fiberglass boat and the introduction of revolutionary hull designs, which have significantly influenced modern boat building.

At Naos Yachts, our inventory proudly features these innovations, reflecting BENETEAU's legacy and ongoing commitment to excellence. Our selection of BENETEAU yachts is equipped with features that ensure safety, comfort, and performance, making each sailing experience unique and memorable.

The Sails of Tomorrow: Naos Yachts' Future with BENETEAU

As we look towards the future, Naos Yachts is excited about the possibilities that our ongoing partnership with BENETEAU presents. This collaboration is grounded in a mutual dedication to maritime innovation and top-tier craftsmanship. BENETEAU's forward-thinking approach in yacht design promises to bring a new era of boating technology that will continue to excite and inspire our clientele.

Anticipating the introduction of new models, Naos Yachts is particularly enthusiastic about advancements in digital integration and smart boat technology. These developments are set to enhance navigational capabilities, improve safety features, and provide a more intuitive boating experience.

Together with BENETEAU, Naos Yachts is not just looking at the next generation of yachts but is actively shaping the future of sailing. Our commitment to this partnership reflects our belief in a sustainable, innovative future that continues to honor our deep-rooted love for the sea.

Conclusion: A Celebration of Sailing Heritage and Future Journeys

As we reflect on our 15 years with BENETEAU and their 140 years of excellence, we are grateful for the shared passion and commitment to sailing. We invite you to join us in celebrating this heritage and to continue exploring the horizons with Naos Yachts. Whether you are looking to purchase a new boat, learn how to sail, or join our community of enthusiasts, Naos Yachts is your gateway to the world of sailing.

Discover the joys of maritime life and become a part of our story today. Explore our inventory today or contact us here at Naos Yachts to inquire about a specific model.

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What makes BENETEAU boats unique compared to other brands?

BENETEAU boats are renowned for their innovative design and superior craftsmanship. With over 140 years of experience, BENETEAU has pioneered many breakthroughs in boat building, including advanced hull designs and eco-friendly technologies, setting them apart in the recreational boating industry.

How does Naos Yachts select the BENETEAU models they offer?

Naos Yachts carefully selects BENETEAU models that align with our commitment to quality, performance, and customer satisfaction. We consider the latest advancements in technology, customer preferences, and our own rigorous standards to ensure we offer the best selection.

What types of sailing classes and certifications does Naos Yachts offer?

Naos Yachts offers a variety of sailing classes and certifications, ranging from beginner to advanced levels. These courses are designed to enhance your sailing skills and confidence on the water, whether you're a first-time sailor or an experienced mariner.

What are the benefits of purchasing a BENETEAU boat from Naos Yachts?

Purchasing a BENETEAU boat from Naos Yachts ensures you receive a yacht that is backed by comprehensive customer support and expert knowledge. Our clients benefit from personalized service, ongoing maintenance advice, and access to our vibrant sailing community.

What warranty comes with a BENETEAU boat purchased through Naos Yachts?

BENETEAU boats purchased through Naos Yachts come with a comprehensive manufacturer's warranty that covers a range of components and craftsmanship issues. We also provide additional support and services to ensure your yacht maintains its condition and value.

Can Naos Yachts assist with the resale of a BENETEAU yacht?

Absolutely! Naos Yachts offers assistance with reselling your BENETEAU yacht. Our extensive network and expertise in the boating market allow us to effectively market and sell your yacht, ensuring a smooth transaction process.

How often does Naos Yachts receive new BENETEAU models?

New BENETEAU models are received by Naos Yachts as soon as they are released. We strive to keep our inventory updated with the latest offerings from BENETEAU, providing our customers with the newest innovations in yacht design.

Is Naos Yachts an authorized dealer of any other boat brands?

Absolutely! We are also an authorized dealer of many other quality boat brands including Lagoon catamarans, BENETEAU’s series of cruising catamarans.