The First 44 "Lenny" arrives in Sydney Harbour, Australia and competes in the Beneteau Cup.

Remember the First 44 Lenny? In the early days of summer, she was in Hawaii after winning a superb second place in the Transpac 2023.

In early September, the yacht and crew started on their way to their final destination in Australia. Over 4 weeks, Lenny sailed across the Pacific on the next leg of her remarkable journey. After a short stop in Fiji, the crew arrived in New Caledonia for a well deserved rest. Lenny and her crew then sailed to Sydney, Australia where they arrived at sunrise on October 21.

Charles joined the crew and competed in the local Beneteau Cup on October 27, Lenny and her crew finished third in the Spinnaker Division. Congrats to All!

Lenny’s schedule in the next few weeks will be busy with races and preparation for the Sydney-Hobart race in December.

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