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Join a San Pedro yacht club at Naos with SailTime: the leading membership program for affordable, easy boating experiences. Join us on the water!

Yacht Club San Pedro

Welcome to Naos Yachts, your gateway to unparalleled sailing experiences at our prestigious yacht club in San Pedro. Our yacht club is not just a location but a departure point for unforgettable journeys across the seas. Through our flagship membership program, SailTime, we make the dream of boating both affordable and effortlessly accessible. Whether you're an experienced sailor or new to the world of sailing, Naos Yachts provides the perfect blend of luxury, adventure, and convenience to ensure your time on the water is nothing short of extraordinary.

Discover San Pedro: The Gateway to Catalina and Beyond

Situated just 20 miles from the enchanting Catalina Island, San Pedro stands as the ultimate launching point for your nautical adventures. Whether you're looking to explore the vibrant town of Avalon or enjoy a serene afternoon sailing within the protected embrace of Long Beach bay, San Pedro offers an unparalleled sailing experience. With its close proximity to Catalina, our yacht club in San Pedro is the perfect starting point for both seasoned sailors and those new to the waters.

View of the Pacific Ocean in San Pedro, CA, with yachts and sailboats in the water.

Explore the Open Seas With Our Modern Fleet of Sailboats and Powerboats

Naos Yachts takes pride in representing the most prestigious international boat brands, including Beneteau, Lagoon, Neel Trimaran, Wellcraft, Fourwins, and Amel. Our modern fleet of sailboats and yachts ensures that every voyage is a testament to luxury, performance, and safety. Whether you're planning a solo sail or an outing with friends and family, our diverse fleet meets every need with elegance and sophistication.

Exclusive SailTime Membership Program: Your Passport to the Sea

Embrace the freedom of the ocean like never before with our SailTime Membership Program, the largest fractional boat club globally. This innovative boat-sharing program redefines what it means to be part of a yacht club in San Pedro, offering regular, flexible time on the water without the usual hassles of boat ownership.

As the largest fractional boat club in the world, SailTime offers an innovative boat-sharing program that revolutionizes the way you experience sailing. Our all-inclusive monthly membership grants you access to a dedicated boat across our different locations, including the prime yacht club in San Pedro. With SailTime, you're guaranteed:

  • 7 SailTimes per Month: Book your seven guaranteed slots each month through our easy-to-use SailTime calendar, ensuring regular access to the sea.
  • Unlimited Last-Minute Reservations: Spontaneity is welcome here. Take advantage of unlimited last-minute bookings for those sudden urges to sail.
  • No Hidden Fees: Enjoy sailing without the worry of service fees, insurance fees, or slip fees. Our all-inclusive membership covers it all.
Yacht club in San Pedro with large yachts lined up in a marina.

Benefits of Joining Naos’ Yacht Club in San Pedro

By becoming a member of our yacht club in San Pedro, you unlock a world of exclusive benefits designed to enhance your sailing lifestyle:

  1. Guaranteed Access: Never miss a day on the water with guaranteed access to our modern fleet.
  2. Comprehensive Support: From booking to boarding, our dedicated team ensures a seamless sailing experience.
  3. Flexibility and Freedom: With our SailTime membership, enjoy the freedom of sailing on your terms.
  4. Community and Camaraderie: Join a community of sailing enthusiasts who share your passion for the sea.
Woman part of a yacht club in San Pedro floating in the ocean next to a sailboat.

Your Sailing Adventure Starts Here. Contact Naos Yachts Today to Join Our Yacht Club in San Pedro

At Naos Yachts, we're more than just a yacht club in San Pedro; we're your partner in creating unforgettable memories on the water. Whether you're navigating the serene waters of Long Beach or setting sail for Catalina, our modern fleet and exclusive membership benefits offer everything you need for an exceptional sailing experience.

Discover the joy of sailing with Naos Yachts. Join us today and set sail from San Pedro, your gateway to the sea's endless wonders. Contact us to learn more about our membership options and start your journey with the premier yacht club in San Pedro.


What is the SailTime Membership Program?

SailTime Membership is an innovative boat sharing program that allows you to enjoy regular, flexible time on the water with guaranteed access to a dedicated boat, without the usual concerns of ownership like service fees, insurance, or slip fees.

What benefits do I get by joining the Naos Yachts Club in San Pedro?

Members enjoy benefits such as guaranteed access, 7 sailtimes per month, an easy-to-use app for bookings, and no hidden fees, all while being part of a vibrant community of sailing enthusiasts.

How does the booking process work for scheduling sail times?

Members can use our easy-to-use app to view availability and book their sail times, including both their guaranteed slots and any last-minute reservations, with just a few clicks.

Can I switch between different boats in the fleet with my membership?

Yes, members have the flexibility to book different boats within the fleet based on their preferences and the availability of the vessels, allowing for a variety of sailing experiences.