The Beneteau saga

From fishing boats ...…To recreational boats
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Benjamin Bénéteau starts designing and building fishing boats in the Brittany region of France.
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He designs an engine-powered sardine boat and sets off to sea as local fishermen, who fear the engine noise will frighten the fish, jeer at his innovation. Benjamin comes back to the dock before all the other boats with a hold full of sardines… His revolutionary innovation was the first of many throughout the history of Beneteau.


L'Ombrine, a small 5.80m tulip-shaped speedboat, is launched.
Beneteau had just created a new market segment, which will be known as the “recreational fishing boat”.
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Launch of the First sailboats and the Antares powerboats, both of which are still in production today.
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Innovation & Creativity

Polyester hulls in the mid 60's - The air step patent in 2003 and the new air step patent in 2013 - A joystick, rotating saildrive pod, and bow thruster combination for easy docking -
These are among some of the most impactful innovations from Groupe Beneteau, one of the oldest boat building yards in the world and a worldwide market leader in boatbuilding.
“*Since 1884, from one generation to the next, the passion for innovation and making the sea more accessible has been at the heart of Beneteau.*”