OCEANIS 34.1 HULL #188 First Line

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Marina Del Rey
OCEANIS 34.1 HULL #188 First Line
Introducing the new Oceanis 34.1 – Redefining Sailing Excellence

Sleeker, lighter, and boasting an expanded sail area, the Oceanis 34.1 takes the art of sailing to new heights. Designed by renowned naval architect Mark Lombard, this vessel epitomizes modern hull design, setting a new standard of excellence in the 35-foot range of sailing yachts.

In collaboration with Nauta Design for the deck and interior layouts, this yacht's graceful proportions and efficient use of space truly make it perfect. With more volume in the bow for the master cabin, it combines style, spirit, and comfort in a stunning package that's truly a sight to behold.

Life on board the Oceanis 34.1 is all about family and friends. It's crafted with the core focus on providing a safe and enjoyable cruising experience for all, regardless of experience.
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