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Marina Del Rey
FIRST 14 - build to order
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The Beneteau First 14 isn't just any boat; it's your gateway to the exhilarating world of modern sailing. Whether you're sailing solo or with a partner, this vessel is designed for maximum excitement and ease. Picture this: a furling jib, a steady hull, and a generously spacious cockpit – all set up to make your sailing experience exceptional.

What sets this boat apart is its adaptability. You can fine-tune the sail area based on the wind or crew size, thanks to the ingenious dual centerboard positions. Plus, low-maintenance deck equipment, a robust aluminum rig, and durable dacron sails mean less hassle and more time on the water.

And here's the real magic – it effortlessly transitions between single and double-handed mode. It's your guarantee of safety, comfort, and maneuverability, courtesy of its stable hull and roomy cockpit. So, if you're seeking an accessible vessel with thrilling possibilities, the Beneteau First 14 is your perfect match.
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