AST COASTAL 340 Jockey console - Composite dinghy

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Marina Del Rey
AST COASTAL 340 Jockey console - Composite dinghy
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Discover the ASTender COAST 340 Jockey Console
If you're in search of a tender that combines opulence with performance, look no further. The AST 340 COAST Range presents the ultimate alternative for those who crave a touch of luxury beyond an open deck boat.

The jockey console lets you experience maximum control under any circumstances while indulging in tremendous comfort for both the driver and passengers. The electric system opens up a world of possibilities to elevate your AST Coast JC 340dinghy into the perfect companion for all your maritime adventures.

With its high freeboard and deep V-keel, the AST COAST 340 ensures dry and comfortable rides even in challenging waters. The spacious design, featuring a waterproof bow locker and four side bags under the gunwale, provides ample storage for all your water toys and gear.
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