2024 FIRST 44 HULL #20

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2024 FIRST 44 HULL #20
Call for price
Experience the the Beneteau First 44!
Celebrating 45 years of sailing heritage, this exceptional vessel represents the culmination of Beneteau’s commitment to excellence that seamlessly bridges the gap between the FIRST 36 and FIRST 53.

Designed by the esteemed Biscontini/Argento duo, this yacht redefines performance, elegance, and comfort. With its exceptional architecture and craftsmanship, the FIRST 44 promises a sailing experience that is unparalleled. Whether you're chasing the thrill of racing or seeking the serenity of cruising, this yacht will enchant you with its exceptional design, making every voyage a journey to remember. Discover a new era of sailing excellence with the FIRST 44 from Beneteau – where sophistication meets unmatched performance!

The Naos Yachts team commissioned and raced “Lenny” a First 44 in May and June 2023. This boat finished second in her division and is now sailing to Fiji then onto Australia to race in the Sydney-Hobart.

We are the only team with experience racing and sailing a First 44 on the West Coast!

Stop by our office and let’s talk about YOUR First 44!
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