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Naos is the representative for Beneteau yachts for Los Angeles County and Hawaii and for new Lagoon catamarans for Southern California. Enjoy the beauty of the sea with a beautiful boat that is crated with only the highest quality materials.

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Sailing School

Naos Yachts is now an ASA Certified Sailing School in Marina del Rey. We offer a full range of courses to take you from beginning sailing to qualification to charter a catamaran. Private instruction or Family classes or Group sailing lessons are available.

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NAOS Charter

The Naos Charter is based in Marina del Rey and offers our growing fleet, private sailing training and one-on-one sailing classes. Now you can charter brand new Beneteau and Lagoon catamarans. Call your friends, let’s go sailing!

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Yacht Maintenance

Naos provides a full yacht maintenance service in Marina Del Rey, designed for peace of mind. Services include deck cleaning, complete monthly check up of all systems, deck hardware, hull, rigging, and engine, warranty work and much more.

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Everybody at NAOS Yachts is passionate about sailing. Our combined years of racing, cruising and daysailing is unprecedented in the industry. Owner, Charles-etienne Devanneaux is a renowned racer on two continents. In 2009, Charles founded NAOS Yachts in Marina del Rey and acquired the Beneteau and Lagoon sailboat territory.

Every team member at NAOS YACHTS has years of experience racing and cruising, most professionally as some level. In addition to new and used yacht sales, the Naos team takes great pride in offering sailing lessons, as an ASA certified school.

Our service department was chosen as the best service department in the world for Lagoon in 2014. We can assist with any boat problems and can keep your yacht looking perfect.

Come by our offices to meet the team, have an espresso and share your passion. Warning: our passion is addictive!


  • I have to give credit where credit is due. I recently purchased a boat from Naos Yacht sales; an Oceanis 41 (Beneteau). I was extremely impressed with every step of the process. Last Monday, I stopped to look at the boat.   Sitting on deck in the early evening with President Phillip Winter, we started talking price.   As in any negotiation, there was a bit of back and forth, but, in the end, we stood up to walk into the office and draw up a deal - a very fair deal for a new boat with a better than average allowance on my trade-in.  I was duly impressed. By that Friday afternoon (four days later), I was sitting on my new boat.   For any of you who have ever purchased a boat, you'll understand that this is nearly impossible.   They introduced me to an excellent loan broker and walked through the process like it had been choreographed from the start.   I was awestruck. Space does not permit me to elaborate, but, suffice it to say that the exchange went better than expected and the team was there to answer questions and help at every turn of the road.   Gunner and Charles (the owner) shared my enthusiasm, encouraging me to fully inspect the boat, assuring me that their failsafe warranty was ironclad. Even after delivering my very short list of requests, this level of service continues and I continue to appreciate their level of professionalism and prompt attention to detail. Did I mention that I had also had dental surgury on the Tuesday after I struck the deal?   The guys were understanding and accommodating.  It couldn't' have gone smoother.   I'll be a longtime client.   I recommend them for all of your boating needs.   I team like this is hard to find.
    Phil R.
  • If there was one word to sum up our experience with NAOS it is "Awesome".  From the first phone call to to the christening of our boat and beyond. NAOS Is exceptional. Starting with Gunnar Swanson who is most remarkable, with the gift of knowing how to fit you with your future boat. His honesty and and sincere ability to ask you the questions you haven't perhaps thought about .  Being there for your questions, regardless of the time of day or night.  He had us sitting on our boat before we knew she was the choice we were going to make.  We shopped up and down the coast, it was Gunnar who made sure every need was met and every concern was addressed. August 1st 2014 we became owners of our Beneteau Oceanis 38. NAOS on the outside is a Yacht dealer - On the inside, a family. I really can't put into words how much they all mean me.  Mike Dunlap is "Johnny on the spot."  He knows the boats like a Mama knows her baby. The support is phenomenal.  This experience has and continues to be a great friendship. The get togethers they plan, the trips to Catalina as a group has welcomed us into the Beneteau with open arms. If you are looking to purchase a boat, NAOS is the place.  Don't wait! You'll kick yourself for not doing it sooner. If I could take you by the hand and walk you through the doors of NAOS, I would. In my opinion it's an experience you will never regret.
  • I have recently purchased a boat from NAOS. She's my second boat, and frankly speaking I had a lot of experience with boat dealers before. NAOS were the best. Seriously. Not just the nicest, the most knowledgable, professionals. No. The BEST. I was not going to buy a 45 feet Jeanneau to start with. Too expensive, too big, etc. I was looking for something smaller until I ran into Chad Gautier at the boat show. He promised me a boat. I smiled and left him my card. Chad started this and Phillip Winter closed the deal. I must admit, I am not an easy customer. Not for a deal of this size. Philip, Chad, and of course Charles-E. Devanneaux, the owner, addressed my every concern, answered every question, and ran every test I asked for. Now I am sailing my new boat and want to say a big THANK YOU to the NAOS Yachts for making the dream come true.
  • Fabulous Group of People! We recently chartered a Lagoon 400S for the weekend from NAOS and it was spectacular! We are already looking forward to our next weekend chartering with NAOS...until we purchase our own Lagoon from them! Everything was handled professionally and without any problems from booking to details to itineraries to where to buy provisions, etc. I was surprising my husband, who was to be the skipper, for his 50th birthday and Phillip and Gunnar were great! The boat, a new one in their fleet, was lovely. We sailed to Avalon on Friday and spent the night. My daughter flew down from San Fran and surprised my husband in Avalon (Phillip helped me with the ferry) and that was super special! Saturday we sailed around the backside of the island and ended up in Two Harbors where we went ashore and had a nice hike and then dinner and spent the night in the harbor. Sunday morning we woke up to fog but it was still easy going. We ended up back at the marina by early afternoon. We had a few little technical troubles along the way during the weekend but nothing that prevented us from having fun. Plus, Gunnar was always available by phone to help out. Thanks to everyone at NAOS for an incredible weekend!
  • If you are involved, interested or just plain curious about boating in Southern California, NAOS Yachts is a must visit.  The NAOS team is a knowledgeable one stop office offering lessons, sales, rentals, maintenance and group rendezvous.  The office feels more like a clubhouse than a boat dealership. My wife and I spent 2 years looking for a boat, and it wasn't until we met Gunnar Swanson at NAOS that we were finally able to easily make it happen.  The right boat, easy financing, professional, genuine and courteous.  No pressure--Gunnar just loves sailing!  I only wish we discovered NAOS at the beginning of our search, because we could have had more time on the water.  The NAOS motto "Sail more, Stress less," is what they are all about. So, if you are looking to be involved, buy, sell, or get expert advice about setting up your boat for offshore racing, long distance cruising, buoy racing or day-sailing, do yourself a favor and stop by NAOS Yachts in Marina Del Rey.  You might even catch Gunnar giving a lesson on how to splice a line. When the time comes for a bigger boat (it always does), NAOS Yachts is where I'll find it.

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