Contract Yacht Maintenance

We offer a monthly management service that is all-inclusive and meets or exceeds our brands' recommendations for maintenance.

We carefully qualify every vendor needed to properly maintain your boat, allowing you to make one call and one monthly payment, with everything being taken care of without headaches. If problems do arise, you receive priority service scheduling. For non- warranty issues, you also enjoy a discounted labor rate.

Examples of items included in the full service:

  • Each visit by a Naos Yachts representative: check that the boat is properly tied- up, all covers on, boat charging and batteries holding charge, head functions, fresh water pumps, refrigerator and freezer checks (when applicable), bilge pump(s) functioning and bilge status.
  • Weekly wash down of cockpit, deck, cabin top and hull from the waterline up.
  • Full bottom cleaning by professional divers, periodic topside detail, periodic hull and transom polish and wax.
  • Monthly check of all fluid levels.
  • Annual cleaning of mast, boom, and rigging.

Using our rate card, you choose the type and frequency of services, determine which are best for you, and see your cost immediately.

All services performed conform to our brands' requirements as well as the service requirements recommended by the manufacturers of the various components aboard your boat.